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career COUNSELing services

At some point in our careers, we all need guidance and support. Whether landing your first job out of school, switching careers, seeking a promotion, or increasing executive performance, career consulting is an investment in yourself and your professional goals. 

  • Save time and gain peace of mind by having an expert assist with your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and interview prep

  • Gain a partner that helps you build confidence, realize your value, and navigate difficult career decisions in an informed way

  • Establish effective next steps in your career journey and a concrete sense of direction

  • Enhance your performance at work and increase your personal satisfaction

  • Discover what's been missing from your career journey

  • Empower yourself in a job search

  • Develop life-long skills and action plans

  • For pennies per day, make a short-term investment that pays long-term benefits

  • Potential tax deductions for job seekers (*be sure to check with a tax professional)


Please see these articles from the National Career Development Association, and Payscale on the benefits of career coaching.

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