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"Colin is a true professional who is always on point. Interacting with him is always educational and worthwhile."

~mid-career professional seeking career planning/transition assistance and job search

"I used Career Focused Solutions services while I was preparing for the job interviews. I am very satisfied with the results! My counselor was attentive to my needs and coached me through the most difficult job interview questions. I appreciated his availability and flexibility with appointment scheduling. I felt confident and well prepared when I went to the interview which resulted in a job offer."

~mid-career professional in healthcare industry seeking assistance with job search and interview

"I used Career Focused Solutions while I was searching for my second job and I cannot express how satisfied I am with the results. My counselor, Colin, was very attentive to my needs and had a very thoughtful and pragmatic method he used. The difference in not only my job search but my outlook on the whole process was night and day. I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs any advice related to their career, job search, or resume help."

~early career professional in the financial services sector seeking assistance with resume, cover letter, interview, and job search


"I contacted this company to help my son develop his resume as well as help with job search and interview skills. Colin contacted me immediately and was very nice and attentive. I explained what we were hoping for prior to him speaking with my son. After my son spoke with Colin and met with him, his outlook changed and his confidence grew. Colin helped him develop a great resume which gave him interview opportunities almost immediately. Colin was also helpful with interview techniques, including how to prepare for an interview and important questions to ask at the interview. My son was able to secure a job within a month of the process. I highly recommend Colin and Career Focused Solutions."

~parent seeking assistance for their recent college graduate with job search and career launch


"Colin is very good at his job and I find my time with him worthwhile."

~senior-level executive in global operations


"Colin is one of the best professors I've had. He really cared about his students well-being and success. I learned so much in this class that I know will be useful in my future career. He always provided great feedback."


"[Colin] taught you actual skills needed in everyday life at this point in our lives. I learned so much in this course that is crucial to know when entering the workforce and I was able to apply the skills I learned to applying for internships...It encouraged students to explore the career that would be best for them and allowed us to analyze our skills, interests, values, etc. to find the best career.​"


"...Allowed the students to progress in their career paths throughout the semester. [Colin] had us set real goals that we wanted to reach and then gave us all of the resources to help us attain those goals. I think the resources he provided us with were excellent and are things that I will for sure use going forward."

"[Colin} has encouraged me to think in a new way about my future and my next few important steps I need to take; I feel more confident in my direction."


"I really liked the teaching style. [Colin] did a really good job at explaining the material and making sure the students stayed engaged."


"We were able to learn a lot of life skills through the course and we were also able to work on things that were applicable to us in our lives as current students."


"It helped me open my eyes to see things about myself that I did not see prior or think about much prior to this course such as some of my skills and values."


"In many ways, this course has opened my eyes to the way I look at my future career and goals."


"It has taught me lessons for real life applications. prior to this course I did not know what an elevator pitch was, but now I do and I have actually used it for many different situations at networking events."


"It actually helps students in real life. probably one of the best courses I took at Rutgers because it helped me organize my future career endeavors."

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