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Career Journeys

Colin W. von Liebtag

Founder & Principal

Career, Performance, and Education Consultant

While many of us share common goals, challenges, and successes along the way, no two career journeys are the same. This is why Career Focused Solutions meets individuals where they currently are in the process, in order to help them make it to where they want to be. It is at the heart of taking a uniquely customized approach to each individual we work with, and ensures you receive high quality services that meet your needs. As a former "career changer" I understand the challenges that come with making the jump to something new, and I also understand the rewards of following through on your aspirations as you take them from being potential opportunities and transform them into kinetic actions. Often, people can spend more time with colleagues and on work related activities than with their own loved ones. Thus, everyone deserves to be happy on their career journeys; I enjoy helping people find and pursue their happiness and find satisfaction. Career Focused Solutions has worked with individuals from across industry sectors and at all career stages. Whether you're working in your first career-oriented role out of school or overseeing global operations and hundreds of staff, Career Focused Solutions can help you to successfully find your next step and enhance your performance.  

In addition to operating Career Focused Solutions, Colin von Liebtag leads the alumni career development program at Rutgers University. In this role, he is responsible for the overall development, administration, operation, and assessment of alumni career-related initiatives. This includes management of both alumni career development and engagement opportunities that are available to more than 500,000 alumni. Colin also teaches the highly popular Career Management course at the Rutgers School of Management & Labor Relations, where he developed an innovative, active learning-oriented curriculum for undergraduate students.


While holding an MSW in Management & Policy and certificates in Coaching and Non-Profit Management, Colin has published works on global workforce strengthening initiatives. Colin has been an Executive Board member and mentor with the country's premier alumni career services organization, the Alumni Career Services Network (ACSN), and is an advising consultant to the New Jersey Career Network. In addition to career, education, and performance consulting, Colin brings a diverse background in leadership and organizational development, strategic planning, program development, research, and data analysis.

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